Baby, You're A Firework. Float!

Baby, You're A Firework.

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Welcome, to my excessively extravagant blog. Be prepared for fashion, luxury, food, travel, writing techniques, comic, Avengers, Sherlock, and musical theatre/Broadway related posts. I hope to keep you entertained. ;)



my school was full off hot ass people tbh

i was homeschooled


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sext: why aren’t you responding to me haha

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sam pepper is currently unemployed, being blacklisted by other youtubers, being banned from vidcon, has lost tons of followers on all social media accounts, and has a police report filed against him.

karma did not come back to bite sam pepper. karma came back, dragged sam pepper out of his house and beat the living shit out of him.

GOOD. THAT is what should be happening.

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my mom always throws old clothes that she has nothing to do with in my closet, and whenever i call her out on it, she says “i have never done that, all of the clothes in your closet are yours”


are you sure mom


are you sure these are my clothes

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